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>Don't forget windmills. We will soon be entering a time when the
>technology used for wind turbines will allow them to be used in
>more places than thought possible and for a cost that will allow
>people and normally energy consuming businesses to have one for
>Z - people like me and places like mine ;)

If I ever get the chunk of land I want, I will put up a wind farm. It's great for free bursts, and if El Nino keeps getting worse, might even become reliable here. Storing power is still problematical, but I have read of 'super' capacitors - on the order of thousands of farads - that are being developed for electric vehicles. With a storage plant made of those, we might even be able to tap into the occasional lightning strike on the wind turbine..

Do you have any more info on the DC link in Minnesota? I would be interested in reading more about it..

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