Re : Challenge To Nickb/i love extropy

jakob rębild (
Fri, 21 Aug 1998 13:54:00 +0200

J P Chambers wrote:

> Nicholas Bostrom Wrote :
> > The situation is simply this. I got a messege from
> > Jonathan Grimes, wherein he was jubilant about how
> > easy a time he had had tricking everybody into
> > believing in the censorship rumor. At this stage I
> > thought I should write the four lines quoted above,
> > since I saw that Max and other ExI members were being
> > unfairly accused of censorship, and their webmaster
> > was spending a lot of time trying to restore the
> > missing part of the archive. It would have been wrong
> > of me not to speak up.
> I take complete responsibility for Jenny Chambers.
> I take absolutely no responsibility for the censorship
> rumour.
> You are fabricating evidence. That is a serious criminal offence.
> I have in no way tampered with the list archives.
> The list archive computers are the property of Extropy.
> I have in no way tampered with the list archive
> computer system.
> Tampering with the list archives is a criminal offence.
> I am not a criminal.
> You are accusing me of being a criminal.
> I demand you retract this fabrication of evidence.
> I demand an apology from Nicholas Bostrom and Extropy.
> Jonathan Grimes

mr. grimes. did you redefine 'truth' and 'honesty' while i slept? every word i've seen you write on this list and off it is without a doubt the most appaling and ridiculously large amount of bullshit i've seen for a very long time.

you _demand_ an apology? would you apologize to a rabid dog for shooting its head off?

being somewhat of an authority on cult movements and mind control tactics of the same, i am shocked by your actions towards extropy institure and this list. extropy as a cult could be nothing further from the truth.

i strongly suggest that you start reading up on the subjects you claim to know to much of, i'm quite certain that the objective litterature could work its way even to your mind and give you some understanding of what extropy and transhumanism is. if this should still be a problem, i suggest that you seek psychiatric and maybe even medical attention before continuing your daily life.

i cannot denamd that you get removed, this is a free list, any less than you can demand anything from your position. i can assure you that my attorney wouldn't touch this case from your view, although i'd like to see someone try. you accuse nick bostrom of fabricating evidence, doesn't fabricating evidence include that there is a court in session? you claim not to be a criminal. that may be so, but that doesn't stop me from wishing you would be locked up. judging from your postings, i'd say you're dangerous.