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Joe Jenkins (
Thu, 20 Aug 1998 16:03:15 -0700 (PDT)

---John Clark <> wrote:
> I, Mr.87 am slated to die but that fathead Mr. Original is not, he's
> going on a luxury vacation instead, that's a hell of a difference and
> if
> it's not enough to make the two diverge in a hurry nothing will.

No sir, Mr. 87 you are not slated to die, you are slated to commit voluntary amnesia. It is my pleasure to inform you that after that is complete you Mr.87 are going on a wonderful vacation. Actually, for this to be perfectly true the original plan would have to be slightly changed where Mr. original stays in stasis while the 10 hours of work is being completed.

> Mr.
> Original made the assignments and I note he didn't say he and 99
> copies would blow their brains out and Mr. 87 would be the one to
> achieve immortality and live the good life forever, personally I think
> that would be a much better plan.

No, Mr .87 you in fact did make the assignments yourself. I can't believe you don't remember.

> >You are the one that designed the temporary spawning process.
> That wasn't me that was Mr. Original and he doesn't know what it's
> like to face the prospect of immediate death, I do and I don't like it
> one bit.

Yes, that WAS you. And no, you do not know what it is like to face the prospect of immediate death you only know what it is like to face the prospect of voluntary 10 hour amnesia.

> > Why would you ignore your own intentions.
> It doesn't really matter why,

It doesn't really matter why? Another inconsistency in style. Is John Clark in trouble, do you have him tied and gaged? Come on Harvey this isn't funny. If I just give up and agree with you will you let him go? ;)

> >With the exception of 10 hours divergence, the other fellow is you.
> Besides that Mrs. Lincoln how did you like the play.

All right, I give up, your right I'm wrong now let him go!

> The basic problem is that all the copies are identical yet you're
> asking them to behave in radically different ways.
If I had 1000 copies playing blackjack in Vegas they would all be nearly identical yet some of them would be acting in radically different ways.

> >You've just completed 10 hours of mundane work at the office today in
> >your normal biological state. You then documented your work more
> >thoroughly than ever before. A doctor shows up and completely
> >convinces you beyond any shadow of a doubt that he has invented a
> >flash light type device that can induce a perfect 10 hour amnesia
> with
> >no side effects whatsoever. You are 100% convinced this is safe and
> >effective. He offers you $10,000 to let him use the device on you.
> As you say it's a judgment call but I'd tell him no way.

Okay, then how about if he said he found out that your wealth had been divided by 1000 because of some unfortunate events in the U.S. economy today. And that your family and friends will welcome your interactions with them 1000 times less. This includes your friends on the Extropian and Transhuman lists. And then he continued to list many more unfortunate things that happened to you today. Then he says, "but I can fix it all if you just let me use the device on you". Would you do it if all this was true?

> >P.S. Has anyone on this list verified the signature on the message
> >where John Clark changed his public key? After more than three years
> >of reading his post with mostly just minor disagreements, all of a
> >sudden, one week after changing his public key this major
> disagreement
> >about the fundamentals of identity pops up.
> Nobody can claim absolute consistency so perhaps something I said in
> my most recent post contradicts something I said in an older one, I
> don't know what it could be but I'd love to find out, please
> illuminate me.

Its not so much a contradiction in something you previously said. Its more where I perceive you to reside on the local memetic maxima bump here at the top of the extropian fitness mountain peak. At least your still here on the tallest mountain in the world looking down at the vast fitness deserts surrounding us. Maybe the valley between our fitness bumps is just experiencing tektonic plate shifting and I'm not use to earthquakes.

Joe Jenkins

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