RE: Deletion of Erik Moeller's Posts

Gerhard Kessell-Haak (
Fri, 21 Aug 1998 09:54:34 +1200

Sean, get a grip. I only have a cursory interest in the group, and could probably be considered to be on the outer edge of the outer circle. However, I've experienced the same problems as others when searching for emails on the site and have eventually needed to resort to performing the search manually by downloading almost everything ever posted for a particular year; and I did eventually find what I was looking for.

All in all, the conspiracy theory seems a bit much.

>>> Sean Parker <> 20/August/1998 11:12am >>>

Yet another attempt to shroud the truth with cover-up tactics. I did not initially realize how widespread this censorship conspiracy had become, I had hoped it was limited to a few insiders -- Max's inner circle. However the swiftness with which a handful of individuals came to Max's defense has convinced me otherwise. If they aren't in on it themselves, they are clearly under the delusion that Max and his ilk can do no wrong. I think everyone needs to take a long hard look at the evidence and not make premature judgements -- there may be forces acting in opposition to the common good, as there generally are.