Re: Molecular CAD

Peter C. McCluskey (
Thu, 20 Aug 1998 12:37:15 -0700 ("Bryan Moss") writes:
>I've been searching around for molecular CAD tools
>and have so far found only Crystal Sketchpad and
>NanoCAD (and it's offspring). Crystal Sketchpad is
>clearly the most advanced of the two, since
>NanoCAD is very primitive in it's editing
>facilities. Are there any other molecular CAD
>packages (specifically geared toward
>nanotechnology) available? Wasn't Autodesk
>developing such software?

Chris Phoenix demoed a version of his DiamondCAD program at the last Senior Associates gathering that looked worthwhile for creating carbon-only molecules with arbitrary shapes. See:

I'm working on some extensions to Konrad Hinsen's MMTK. You can see some hints at: It will probably be ready for people to use in another month or 2.

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