Re : I Love Extropy !

Alexander 'Sasha' Chislenko (
Wed, 19 Aug 1998 14:22:33 -0400

At 13:13 08/20/98 , Jenny Peter Chambers wrote:
>That address is subscribed. That address will remain

That seems rude

> You are completely contradicting the

That's "principles", I suppose.

> You are a heretic. Any attempt to remove
>that name from this list is beyond censorship.
>If I start swearing at list members then you may remove
>that name. Until then you will leave that name on this

As any group, this one can state its own rules. You don't have to be rude (as the last message was, even without swearing) to be unwanted. It's enough to disagree with everything, be inconsiderate and irrelevant, to be unwelcome.

>You will not remove that name.
>Extropy is not a Totalitarian State.
>Max is not Joseph Stalin.
>Questioning Extropy is not heresy, no matter how much
>Max would like it to be. I will have my voice. Hired
>goons or no hired goons.
>I am still waiting for Max to address me directly.
>I would appreciate it if his goons kept their mouths
>shut. This matter does not concern you. It is between
>myself and Max. What does Max fear ?

Are you paying Max to talk to you? Why does he have to take time from conversations with more pleasant and polite people who share his ideas and talk to the author of some outrageous statements?

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