Re : I Love Extropy !

Jenny Peter Chambers (
Thu, 20 Aug 1998 10:13:01 -0700

David McFadzean Wrote :

> Is everything posted from an unsubscribed address to
> be considered spam? If so, it is easy enough to block
> that from the list.

That address is subscribed. That address will remain subscribed. You are completely contradicting the Principals. You are a heretic. Any attempt to remove that name from this list is beyond censorship.

If I start swearing at list members then you may remove that name. Until then you will leave that name on this list.

You will not remove that name.

Extropy is not a Totalitarian State.

Max is not Joseph Stalin.

Questioning Extropy is not heresy, no matter how much Max would like it to be. I will have my voice. Hired goons or no hired goons.

I am still waiting for Max to address me directly. I would appreciate it if his goons kept their mouths shut. This matter does not concern you. It is between myself and Max. What does Max fear ?

: )

I Love Extropy !

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