Re: Uploading: End of the mundane and trouble with duplicates

Robin Hanson (
Thu, 20 Aug 1998 08:32:08 -0700

"jakob rębild" writes:
> wrote:
>> Scott Badger [] wrote:
>> >My thoughts exactly. Program the copies to self-destruct in 8 (or whatever)
>> >hours
>> Uh, how? The best I could see would be to set a timer which would delete
>> their process after 8 hours, but can you really see yourself working hard
>> when you know that in eight hours you'll die? ...
>mark is right. if the copy is exact, it will not work as planned knowing that it
>will be destroyed, any less than you will blow your own head off during vacation. ...

While I took issue with some other of Joe Jenkins' assumptions, I'm fine with this one. I'd have no problem ending myself if I recalled agreeing to do so a few hours ago, with a copy of myself as of that time living on.

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