Re: WANTED: Hemp Plants (willing to barter)

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Wed, 19 Aug 1998 19:33:31 +0800

> This is an inappropriate post. Everyone, think: Is this list being
> targeted? Ken, please acknowledge if this was a troll. :)

Yes, the list is being targeted, of course, because anything having to do with nanotechnology is being targeted, I would bet. Otherwise, we're in big trouble!

> There's a magazine called High Times. I saw the cover once, and it
> seemed to say people could buy seeds legally in Vancouver. That's
> all I know.

Thanks, much. That was a great lead.

I found what I was looking for.

It turns out that it only takes about 6 weeks to grow a good plant with a 1 to 2 oz. yield, using hydroponic methods.

The most highly recommended book is:

Marijuana Grower's Handbook : The Indoor High Yield Guide

                   by Ed Rosenthal 

See It's wonderful that provides so much helpful information!

The seeds are available from

This is gonna be fun. I think I'll make a time-lapse video of this process, using shareware software available at Maybe I can sell the video at in a few months?

Let's see how long we can keep this a secret, shall we?

Let me make it absolutely clear that I do not intend to sell this.

Is it fair to say that the internet itself is the "new world order", and that it's essentially the eyes and ears of the intelligence community? PGP doesn't make sense to me, since keystokes can be picked up from satellites, and CRTs can be read from a distance using advanced surveillance equipment.

> At 18:53 8/16/98 +0800, you wrote:
> >Wanted:
> >
> >3 or 4 fairly tall hemp plants. My marijuana consumption has gone
> >up lately. I'm up to about 1/8 of an oz. per week, and my supply
> >lines have been quite unpredictable.
> >
> >It's finally dawned on me that I'd be better off growing these
> >plants at home. My religion allows me to prescribe it as necessary
> >for my own depression.
> >
> >I figure with 4 plants, I should be able to smoke at my preferred
> >rate without requiring the assistance of any other human beings,
> >while regrowing in a normal cycle.
> >
> >I figure I can convert my bedroom to small nursery.
> >
> >I may need some lights and stuff, too, since I've never done this
> >before and I need all the helpful coaching that's available!!!
> >
> >Thanks, much.
> >
> >
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