Re: Uploading: End of the mundane

Joe Jenkins (
Wed, 19 Aug 1998 15:14:38 -0700 (PDT)

---John Clark <> wrote:
> Joe Jenkins <> On Tuesday, August 18, 1998
> >Lets say your in an uploaded condition and your an expert in a highly
> >skilled niche field. Now, just returning from a two week vacation, a
> >pile of work worth 1000 hours of time has piled up. When this work
> >completed, another 2 weeks vacation have been earned. Well, why not
> >spawn off 100 copies who will work for ten hours each including time
> >to make "lessons learned" notes. While this work is being done go
> >home and unpack your bags. Upon returning all 100 copies will
> >voluntarily terminate because 10 hours is not long enough to have
> >developed a conflict of interest. The original only has to take the
> >time to read the "lessons learned" notes and go pack bags for another
> >two weeks vacation.
> I don't understand what you mean by the term "The Original", seems to
> me all 100 "copies" would have an equal right to use that title.

Before the spawning process begins arbitrary memory allocations are designated copies 1 through 100 and original. So at the very instant of spawning they differ only in name and memory allocation.

> As for
> "voluntary termination", if the duplicates were really good all would
> want to commit suicide or none of them would,

All copies and originals know their memory allocations and remember the naming convention agreed upon before the spawning process. It would be perfectly rational to look at your name tag and commit voluntary suicide at the end of the 10 hours. I argued this point in my recent post "Uploading: Voluntary Short Term Memory Suicide".

> and 10 hours can be
> a very long time, so can 10 seconds.

10 hours subjective time for a non-augmented formerly biological upload doing nothing but mundane work is not at much risk of creating a conflict of interest.

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