RE: Deletion of Erik Moeller's Posts

Sean Parker (
Wed, 19 Aug 1998 14:17:29 -0400

Yean damn straight! You tell him jive turkey!

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On Wednesday, August 19, 1998 1:39 PM, Derek Strong [] wrote:
> Boog wrote:
> > Last week the archive of current posts went down. It came back up a few
> > days ago. When it came back and I did a search for Erik's posts using
> > terms such as 'Erik', 'Moeller', 'Cult', 'Fallacy' none of Erik's
> > postings appeared. When I listed the posts by author, Erik was not
> > there. Now the current archive is back down again. If the posts
> > suddenely 'reappear' when the archive comes back up then that will be
> > interesting. If by pointing out that Erik's posts were pulled got the
> > powers that be to reinstate the old archive file with his posts then I'm
> > glad. Either way though I think its troubling that the posts were
> > deleted in the first place.
> Boog:
> Did you read either my post or (more importantly) David McFadzean's post on
> this topic yesterday? Not only were Erik's post's missing from the archive,
> but at least *9 months* worth of posts were missing. You did an author
> search (and so did I). Did you look at the dates? Apparently, everything
> after March of '97 was missing from that year, due to some problem with
> the software. This problem is apparently still not fixed. When it is, the
> posts
> that were missing (*9 months worth*) should be back.
> Your author searches and keyword searches confirm that posts were missing.
> But
> in no way do they confirm that *only certain posts by certain authors* were
> missing. As I said, *I* couldn't find posts by other authors. Specifically,
> I was searching for Kennita Watson and Will Wiser so I could find their
> email addresses. Did someone have a reason to censor them? Or to delete 9
> months worth of posts?
> *Please* consider the other evidence available to you here. Others will
> confirm
> that there were problems with the archives. Ask around. The problems have
> been
> talked about before. If you try to be just a little more rigorous and
> scientific about this, I'm certain you'll find there are MUCH better
> explanations for what has occured than censorship.
> Thanks for your consideration,
> Derek B Strong