Re: Deletion of Erik Moeller's Posts

Derek Strong (
Wed, 19 Aug 1998 10:38:51 -0700 (PDT)

Boog wrote:

> Last week the archive of current posts went down. It came back up a few
> days ago. When it came back and I did a search for Erik's posts using
> terms such as 'Erik', 'Moeller', 'Cult', 'Fallacy' none of Erik's
> postings appeared. When I listed the posts by author, Erik was not
> there. Now the current archive is back down again. If the posts
> suddenely 'reappear' when the archive comes back up then that will be
> interesting. If by pointing out that Erik's posts were pulled got the
> powers that be to reinstate the old archive file with his posts then I'm
> glad. Either way though I think its troubling that the posts were
> deleted in the first place.


Did you read either my post or (more importantly) David McFadzean's post on this topic yesterday? Not only were Erik's post's missing from the archive, but at least *9 months* worth of posts were missing. You did an author search (and so did I). Did you look at the dates? Apparently, everything after March of '97 was missing from that year, due to some problem with the software. This problem is apparently still not fixed. When it is, the posts that were missing (*9 months worth*) should be back.

Your author searches and keyword searches confirm that posts were missing. But in no way do they confirm that *only certain posts by certain authors* were missing. As I said, *I* couldn't find posts by other authors. Specifically, I was searching for Kennita Watson and Will Wiser so I could find their email addresses. Did someone have a reason to censor them? Or to delete 9 months worth of posts?

*Please* consider the other evidence available to you here. Others will confirm that there were problems with the archives. Ask around. The problems have been talked about before. If you try to be just a little more rigorous and scientific about this, I'm certain you'll find there are MUCH better explanations for what has occured than censorship.

Thanks for your consideration,

Derek B Strong