Re: Archives Suddenly Unavailable

Derek Strong (
Tue, 18 Aug 1998 14:44:10 -0700 (PDT)

> I can't believe this is happening. Its like the Bill Clinton situation
> on the Extropian list. Yesterday I posted about how Erik Moeller's posts
> had been deleted from the current list archive. After my post appeared
> the archive was suddenly unavailable. Its still unavailable but the 1996
> archive is fine. If the Moeller posts reappear when the archive returns
> and the people that administer this list claim the posts were always
> there that will be an OUTRIGHT LIE. I know what I saw. The Moeller posts
> were gone. When I sorted the list by authors Erik did not even show up
> on the list! I am appalled by the censoring and if deception occurs that
> will appall me also.
> Boog aka Colin

Whoa there, hard charger. What you KNOW may not be as right as you think. I don't handle the archives (all of the list and list archive stuff is handled by David McFadzean), but I have very recently done searches myself for people I KNEW were in there (I was looking for a couple email addresses for people I knew posted to the list frequently), and I didn't find them in my author search either. Consider, just for a moment, the possibility that there was something wrong with that part of the archiving system.


Derek B Strong
Webmaster, Extropy Institute