Re: hi jenny!

Michelle Jones (
Tue, 18 Aug 1998 11:34:54 -0700

Jenny Peter Chambers wrote:

> You gave me a commentary.
> You did not in fact answer one sentence
> with a question mark.

hmmm. this sounds a little less jennylike thanthe first post.

> Still waiting to hear about all the
> good you are all doing !

methinks "jenny" is trying to make the point thatextropians are not doing the world any good. right?
we are a bunch of self absorbed navel gazers? ok, tell ya what, "jenny", i'll bite on this. will you let me off just saying that the ext chatgroup has been a positive influence on me? we learn a few things, perhaps from embarrassing 180 degree conversions, such as my own experience with roton rockets. its a place that i can toss out some wild ideas, have people laugh at me, laugh with me, then propose that perhaps there is something worthwhile there. thanks extropians... spike