Re: Re : I Love Extropy !

Michelle Jones (
Tue, 18 Aug 1998 11:05:04 -0700

"Jenny Peter Chambers" wrote:

> Max ? Max ? Where are you.
> You haven't answered my questions yet ?
> Actually no one has answered them yet.
> Max ? Max ? Where is Max ?

this brings up an interesting problem: if postslike these show up and we strongly suspect a
hoax, how can we be sure? it is certainly possible for a bubbly cheerleader type to show up on extropians and write such things as "jenny peter chambers" posted, and we would be loathe to offend such an innocent creature. however... there are a number of clues here.

"jenny peter chambers" actually sounds like a palindrome. (is palindrome the right word for mixing the letters of ones name to make a new name?) also the max worship thing is a bit over the top.

"jenny", we avoid answering your
questions, for fear of looking like gullible fools. i am a fool, but at least im a skeptical fool... {8^D