Re: Upcoming Vinge Singularity Discussion

Robin Hanson (
Tue, 18 Aug 1998 10:00:22 -0700

I wrote:
>>You are all invited to participate in a two week long open
>>discussion of Vinge's singularity concept on this list, ...

Ralph Lewis replied:
>Robin, is this to be an open discussion? Would it be possible for my
>students to participate directly or to read the discussion and comment
>in a seperate side bar forum?

I said this was to be an open discussion, and this is an open mailing list. So your students could join the list and then join the discussion.

My intention in arranging this is to get a deeper critical discussion of these issues than we've usually seen. It was not to create a meet the author session, nor an educational experience, nor to create a bonus benefit to entice people to join the list.

So if your students would have been shy about joining in a random discussion on this list, being unsure whether they knew enough or could express themselves, I'd hope they'd be doubly shy about this. If, however, your students never joined before only because they didn't consider our conversations were up to their standards of clarity and insight, then I'd be delighted to bask in their brilliance :-).

I don't know of any list rule against forwarding messages, so you also have the option of forwarding our singularity discussion to a separate class list where your students could discuss things among themselves.

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