Re: 5,000,000 transhumans

Damien R. Sullivan (
Mon, 17 Aug 1998 12:55:06 -0700 (PDT)

On Aug 15, 1:36am, den Otter wrote:

> Very unlikely, even for a "simple" AI. Our brains work with cumbersome
> electro-chemical processes, and are easily outmatched in speed by any
> PC. If I remember correctly, it was mentioned in an earlier thread that

But our brains have an awful lots of those cumbersome processes going at once. Silicon CPUs are faster, but the speed will probably be used to emulate intelligence using fewer CPUs.

> Deep Blue (or a like computer) scored most points in the speedmatches,

Chess computers think about nothing other than chess. And they think about it at a wholly abstract level. Human brains are processing the pieces on the board into an abstract representation, checking to see if it's time to eat yet, scanning passively for sudden movement, etc.

> Unless I'm very mistaken, there will *already* be hyperfast CPUs
> when AI and uploading become possible. The CPU technology is simply

Yeah, and they'll use 1-10 hyperfast CPUs to emulate 100 billion slow neurons, not a million hyperfast CPUs from the beginning.

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