Upcoming Vinge Singularity Discussion

Robin Hanson (hanson@econ.berkeley.edu)
Mon, 17 Aug 1998 10:42:45 -0700

You are all invited to participate in a two week long open discussion of Vinge's singularity concept on this list, to begin soon after Sept. 1. Excerps from this discussion will appear in Extropy Online (http://www.extropy.org/eo/).

I invited 34 people to write up to 1500 word comments on Vinge's singularity writings. The comments of the 13 people who responded are currently at http://hanson.berkeley.edu/vc.html . Vinge is due to complete his reply to those comments by Sept. 1, soon after which Vinge, his commentors, and anyone else interested will join in a two week long open discussion.

I'll post a notice when the discussion begins, but I thought I'd give some warning now, in case folks want to review the topic and collect their thoughts.

Robin Hanson
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