Censorship - Retractions - Hypocrisy - Archive Deletions

boogie woogie (extrogod@hotmail.com)
Mon, 17 Aug 1998 09:40:18 PDT

Max wrote>

> boogie woogie: I apologize for calling you "cowardly". Of the
> comments I made, I retract that one. It was a response to your
> picking on people without naming them, but the fact that you were
> using a an email handle instead of your name didn't justify my
> comment.

I agree, the 'cowardly' remark was inappropriate. Thank you for retracting it.

> I believe the rest of my comments stand as reasonable and
> correct.

I'm not so sure about this. Let us revisit your comments:

Max More wrote:

> My, you really are giving every sign of being *both* cowardly and
> nasty. Every one of your posts consists of criticizing, insulting,
> and sniping.

How was I 'nasty'? I made observations. They may not have been becoming for some people but that does not mean I was being 'nasty'. 'Nasty' gives the idea that I was being mean or offensive. I was neither of these things. Please explain why you feel you are 'correct' in saying I was 'nasty'.

> You don't have the courage to post under your real name.

You've apologized for this remark. Thank you.

> And you make false, slanderous comments as if that was an
> acceptable thing to do on our list.

I made no false remarks. Please point out which remark I made prior to this post that was false and slanderous. It appears with this statement that you are the one making false and slanderous remarks.

> Now, how about retracting your false and perhaps slanderous claims
> about my name?

I guess these are a new set of 'false and slanderous' claims other than the ones you refer to in your 8/10/98 posting. The gist of my reference to your 'new' name is that you harped on my use of a particular name but don't use your own original name. I also pointed out that you don't harass Tom Morrow and others for their use of names.

By 'real name' I meant the name your original name. I was not clear in my meaning and I apologize for that lack of clarity. But with that definition your real name is not Max More, it is Max O'Connor so I was correct. And about 'slanderous' ... I think you should revisit the definition since you are so fond of calling things 'slanderous'. One thing that is slanderous is accusing someone else of slander when they have not.

I will not retract my observations that you were hypocritical since the posting record bears that out. I will not retract my observation that you despise people disagreeing with you and employ a double-standard when dealing with those people. I will not retract my observation that you drove Erik Moeller from this list for just that reason. [[I'd like to note that every post Erik Moeller ever made has been deleted from the Extropians Mailing List archive including the ones dealing with Erik's opinions about ExI as a cult]]

I guess censorship is one of the new extropian values in the new Extropian Principles.


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