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Brian D Williams (
Mon, 17 Aug 1998 08:26:25 -0700 (PDT)

From: (Randy)

>I dunno about that. I would wager that most of the extros & cryos
>around these parts were the bookworm types when younger (and even
>when older). How about it--any jock types here? ANyone into
>machine shop when in high school? :-)

I for one was bookish then and am bookish now. I also took every form of shop available when I was in high school (Lane Tech Chicago) and won an award for "best in class" for machine shop for the year, when over 1000 took the class.

I have played almost every sport you can name, although the only regular possible sport I still participate in is the occasional sailing jaunt, and my thrice weekly trip to the weight room.

I was an Aircraft electrician in the Marines, my degree's in biology, and am a Union Electrician currently (10 years) working as a network engineer for Ameritech, the midwest RBOC.

I also write the occasional Haiku:


                         and now the tea
                         enjoying life sip by sip
                         nothing is better

As Heinlein said "specialization is for insects." ;)

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