Re: Does anyone know these guys?

Diebold Boris (
Mon, 17 Aug 1998 12:29:01 +0300


> Pyramids are simple and work if done right
how can pyramid scams ever work when there is finite number of people !!!!
it works for the few on the top that started the scheme or came in early.
but it won't work for anybody coming in too late since they won't be able
to find the other five or whatever to get there money from. so they indeed
will be ripped off...

>I think they're a good idea, it redistributes the wealth, and in many cases works out.
it increases wealth for those who start the scam, that's all. do you happen to know
anybody personally who ever made serious money from pyramid schemes ? it is all based on the dream of getting a lot of money without doing anything...

> These are not called pyramids, and are not illegal, if there is a product in
> exchange for the initial payment.
> The deal is, you have to convince people to
> join and do the same thing you're doing. I dunno, thats just an outline of
> the impression I get. Seems like companies with good products stay around for
> much longer, and are more successful. The idea seems like, you get 3 friends
> to join, they get 3 friends, and they get 3 friends, so on..
so what is the difference between this and a pyramid scheme ? it is all just the same....