Re: I Love Extropy !

lemma (
Sun, 16 Aug 1998 13:33:23 -0700


(logicians do it)or[not(logicians do it)]

On Sun, 16 Aug 1998 10:12:16   Jenny Peter Chambers wrote:

>I hope Extropy isn't too sicky sweet like a honey pot !
Is this for real?? I am very afraid.
>The Extropian Principals are confusing.
>Why all the words ?
Hmmm....looking more suspicious all the time. Would you prefer a rebus? Perhaps if I had had an "extropian Principal" I would have gotten into the college of my choice :)
>Extropians must give a lot of money to charity. Which
>chartities do you all sponsor ? Which are on the recommended
>list for sponsorship.
Again, yikes.
>Which other rights groups is Extropy connected with. Black,
>women, poor, disadvantaged. I know what Extropy is all
>about and I love it.
If what you think extropy is all about is, in fact, what it is all about I will run, not walk to the nearest exit. Jenny, you are either brain damaged or a brilliant satirist. l8z, lemma Free web-based email, Forever, From anywhere!