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Sun, 16 Aug 1998 19:16:33 GMT

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>I am new to this Extropy stuff.
>I am a youngish : ) woman who is searching for an organization
>aiming to make a difference. Somebody told me about Extropy
>and I agreed that Extropy appears to really care. We need a world
>like Linux : - ) Authentic !

If I were to soundbite extro philosophy, I woudl say that Extros are techono-rebels.

>Constant self improvement. Both moral and intellectual.
>Jesus, fantastic forward thinking Max. What are your plans Max
>for constant moral and ethical self improvement ? I am very
>interested in your master plan. You appear to give a damn about
>helping people. That is indeed rare. Everyone at Extropy must
>have the highest moral standards.
>I bet you already have a long list of accomplishments. I would very
>much like to hear about them. Recently gave a couple of hundred
>grand from my semi work to rights groups. Felt good. Almost dirty.
>Everyone at Extropy must look to your list of achievements and
>think, if Max can do it, I can do it ! I am already inspired. Can you
>please show me the url to this list. I want to follow your example.
>I bet that page gets a lot of hits from the Extropians.
>I bet everyone at Extropy thinks they are on to something good.
>Extropy appears to be a wonderful, friendly, democratic,
>understanding place.

> I bet the Extropians are a diverse set of people.

I dunno about that. I would wager that most of the extros & cryos around these parts were the bookworm types when younger (and even when older). How about it--any jock types here? ANyone into machine shop when in high school? :-)

>I hope Extropy isn't too sicky sweet like a honey pot !

No worries there!

>What are Extropian plans for making society work in a post-human world ?
>How would a possible Extropian society work ?
>We live in a very Darwinian society here in the U.S. I would very
>much like to hear how people will be made more equal and how
>a better more moral world can be created.

Hmm. I would guess otherwise. Offhand, I would think most Extros are egalitarian in that they are libertarian, but that equality, per se, would not be a goal.

> I bet all the Extropians
>are involved with Animal Rights. Are you ? I am a vegetarian.
>I think that is highly Extropic ! Killing animals is highly Entropic.
Well, conservation of nature is good, until, that is, mankind has the tools to remake nature according to his own rules. And we have already started.

>Extropians want to increase Diversity !

Hmm. In a way, yes, but not in a politically correct way.

>Extropians want more Democracy !


>Who is vice president at Extropy and when is the next election ?
>People helping people. I love it !
>Super advanced technology is going to make the world good.

Yes, I think so

>Everyone is going to be equal !

Possibly, but it may take a long time.

>There are too many hateful people in this country who want to
>stop diversity. Last week a woman from my office was fired
>because she was black. In this day and age. No one told her that
>though. They made out she wasn't doing enough work. Shocking
>I know. That boss has a bed sheet in his draw. Very entropic.

Well, this may disappoint you, but I would say that Extros think *merit* should be the predomionant factor in the workplace.

>What is the Extropian plan to stop only the elite getting new
>technologies ? We have a terrible problem with this in the U.S.
>I am white and female and money is no problem but if you fall
>outside that well you're in trouble. I work in the computer industry.
>Advanced lithography at a semi company is my work. Very few
>women in the semi industry.
>What is Extropy doing to address the dark side of these new
>technologies ? I bet you are all aware of the issues and are
>working to make sure those kind of situations do not happen.
>You Max must already be leading the project team with the
>objective of sharing the wealth. What is the name of this
>project team ?

I can hardly wait for other responses to this!

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