Re: Does anyone know these guys?

arnaldo ferreira (
Sun, 16 Aug 1998 07:27:34 -0600

Usually they send you a letter telling you to do the same to get money.... $27.00 from each sucker can amount to a considerable profit.... arnaldo

davelook wrote:

> >Would anyone by any chance know whether this another ripoff (they
> >take the $ 27.00 and vanish), or a legit business? If so,
> >it might be nice money maker for the Americans and Canadians on this
> >list...
> Yea, it would be great to make $700 "just mailing circulars from home".
> These are ripoffs...
> 1) If they did it themselves it would be much more efficient with bulk mail
> and high volume processing.
> 2)The Post Office Box for address is a dead giveaway.
> This is one of the oldest scams and a staple of the conartists in the
> "business oppurtunity" field.
> But then again, maybe they will pay you all that money just for mailing
> circulars!

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