5,000,000 transhumans

Avatar Polymorph (way@warehouse.net)
Sat, 15 Aug 1998 19:18:01 +1100

Given enough time, the SI would surely reach a state where it can afford such luxuries. The thing is that it likely wouldn't have enough time; it would be strong enough to stop the competition, but likely not smart/powerful enough to do it gently. It's much easier to destroy than to subdue, and with the hot breath of other ascending forces (with undoubtedly similar intentions) in its neck, the choice would be easy.

  1. I kiss the ground Tipler walks upon.
  2. If I was the SI, I would rather 'die' than think like that. If it's that removed from our framework, why not just wander off to another system while remaining in stasis.
  3. Nanotech is lowtech. Hitech is singularity construction, linear black holes, quantum engineering, whatever. Simultaneous communication with every single human being on Earth would not be a problem, for example.
  4. Organic bodies are romantic, fun vessels. You're just prejudiced against them because they currently get old and wrinkled and have a use-by date. Once you adjust the sub-structure they're fun! Even 'old and wrinkled' can be fun. I predict the very young (12-25) look will be followed by the very old look. Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The 'aliens' know... and they don't ride around the stratosphere in silver spaceships yet...

Avatar Polymorph way@warehouse.net