Human extinction

Avatar Polymorph (
Sat, 15 Aug 1998 11:31:25 +1100

>The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement:


>They are both about that the human race should die out to save the earth.

>They seem serious, but their claims are such, that for me it seems more like
>black humor.Ironically the Techno-Rapture is the expression of Gaian fruition,
the temporary side-effect of mass extinctions (similar to previous ones from
solar body strikes). Not only is it the mechanism for boosting of living beings (and extinct ones) in the post-Escalation period (the post-species
period) but science itself is an integral part of the process. At some levels
our minds are the cortex of Gaia. Without more complex species and the Techno-Rapture, changes in the Sun would destroy planetary life in only 500
million years, approximately one eighth of the present age of the Earth. I
personally believe the Gaian process is only a precursor to a wider universal
process in which thought itself infuses universal structures and environmental manipulation becomes an aspect of self-direction. All very old
hat and typically Extropian. However, the debate is about directions and mechanisms and degrees of inclusion. Perhaps it is limiting to think in terms
of only one answer, or the concept of answers. Perhaps some of us will leave
for the stars, some for other universes and some will manipulate spacetime
locally. Some may adhere to flesh, some may not, some may do both - after
all, why stop with one body? I believe the real issues are more ones of rules
of consent and inclusion of choice. I see choice itself as the ultimate boundary condition of the multiverse. That's why I know myself to be Rather
Simplistic. Avatar Polymorph,, August 29 after Armstrong.