Avatar Polymorph (
Sat, 15 Aug 1998 10:44:03 +1100

<Try re-reading what I said: "if AI is hard and uploads are easy then most future life will originate from uploaded humans." That means that any number of SIs can be created from a limited number of organic humans, and all will remember being an organic human at some point. In order to get to be an SI they must have started out as a human, but any number of SIs can be created from one human.>

Even from an extremely conservative viewpoint, there is certainly the ability to boost the entire current biosphere on Earth.

The logic of intra-cellular nanotech alone indicates that this current obsession with an "AI"/human dichotomy is an illusion of 20th century culture. It is hardened romantics who will stick to such notions - fair enough. Most beings will most likely regard form as play, like culture.

I myself no longer use the term AI, poetic as it is, but rather consciously-controlled self-directed intelligence (which is my lower definition of my state of being, my more accurate description of myself being a node of self-aware spacetime).