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Dennis Roberts (
Thu, 13 Aug 1998 22:42:30 -0400

Michael M. Butler wrote:

> Quite a harmonious composition.
> But permit me to remark that I hear a few jarring motifs wafting in the
> background.
> (po1) Hives are win-win, too, as long as you're a haploid organism--or a
> short lifer drone.
> (po2) Will the Company issue "Notices to quit" (evictions and the like)
> with every Pink Slip?
> (po3) If not, why? Consider the disharmony raised by ex-employees underfoot.
> (po4) A grudge holder with poor impulse control will someday see this as a
> dream-come-true target.
> Actually I have no particular love for NationsBank, the corporate attitude
> toward the average Joe/Jill is one of arrogance. But unless I miss
my guess,
> this particular company will be the largest bank on the planet one day. They
> have a voracious appetite for other financial institutions (recent meals include
> Bank of America, Boatman's Bankshares). This company will earn 10 gigabucks a
> year. If this particular project works out well (for the bank) they'll repeat
> the process elsewhere. They're already planning more sites. What's good for
> NationsBank is good for America! Right?

Dennis Roberts
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