Re: Unexpected Effects

E. Shaun Russell (
Thu, 13 Aug 1998 18:53:10 -0700

Max More wrote:
>> Thats kinda funny coming from someone who's real name isnt Max More.
>Why are you doing this? Now you're attacking me again by lying about my
>name. What is your agenda? I have the feeling that you're here simply to
>disrupt this list. Certainly there's a large and growing amount of evidence
>for this hypothesis.

Max: it is pretty much futile trying to rationalize with imbeciles like this. The world is certainly full of the same type --people who lack foresight and the ability to examine the reasons for their actions. What makes it frustrating is when they try to permeate a list such as this with their atittudes bloated by a faux-superiority complex, thinking they know ever so much more than those around them. Fortunately, they eventually realize --much to late-- that the superiority that they held so dear was in fact faux, and they find themselves pinned underneath the weight of a reality which they could never quite escape.

Colin: if there is any shred of tact or decency within your burdened mind, you will wisely listen to what is said by those who have more experience than yourself...even if you disagree. An apology to Max *is* in it on the list or not. If you *do* have any tact or decency, you will understand the necessity of this simple act, but if, as I suspect, you don't, you will doubtlessly amble on towards the chosen fate I mentioned above.

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