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Michael M. Butler (
Thu, 13 Aug 1998 17:21:21 -0700

Quite a harmonious composition.
But permit me to remark that I hear a few jarring motifs wafting in the background.

(po1) Hives are win-win, too, as long as you're a haploid organism--or a short lifer drone.
(po2) Will the Company issue "Notices to quit" (evictions and the like) with every Pink Slip?
(po3) If not, why? Consider the disharmony raised by ex-employees underfoot. (po4) A grudge holder with poor impulse control will someday see this as a dream-come-true target.

At 13:49 8/13/98 -0400, you wrote:
>An example of a mid-sized arcology that benefits both the builder and
>the larger community as well is a 5 block area in downtown Charlotte, NC
>that is being created by NationsBank. It is a place to both live and
>work. It replaces a high crime district and because many of the future
>residents will be NationsBank employees, ( The bank already has a large
>presence in the downtown area. Yes it's territorial, too.) a sense of
>(bank) community will certainly arise in those employees. Other benefits
>to the bank include less fatigued staff- no long commute, raises
>existing property values- bank already own much real estate in the area
>just to name a few. The community at large gains an increased job
>base--skilled jobs as opposed to make-work, broader tax base, and
>decreased highway loading. A true win-win proposition.
>Dennis Roberts
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