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Bret Kulakovich (bkulakovich@WESLEY.IT.EMERSON.EDU)
Wed, 12 Aug 1998 13:31:24 -0400

This is a great point, and may even be considered a 'problem' that we may find a solution to sometime.. But what solution? It would seem that the problem is the first person point of view.. the construction of a priori knowledge being key and crucial to deduction and explanation - leads straight to prejudice in the simple form. Even presupposition by experience, calculation by observation, is limited by the expeirence capacity of the observer.. the classic 'the house is white' vs. 'the house is white ON THIS SIDE' statements.

A problem that the uploading crowd could undoubtedly solve, with shared access to memories or perhaps the 'Common Experience Export Format' or .CEF files. =)

Bret K

>Is it possible to remove stereotypes and generalities among advancing
>trans- and posthumans? Cognitively, we likely will need our category
>prototypes, weakly founded generalisations and assumptions made on
>insufficient information to work in the real world, so some will
>likely remain unless we can all become Zen masters and just see the
>world as it is all the time, but it seems quite possible to find ways
>to reduce their semantic harm, for example by E-prime and similar
>linguistic tools, some education in applied cognitive psychology and
>ways of greacefully defuse them. Any ideas?
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