Re: Extropian women and privacy issues, a challange

Michelle Jones (
Tue, 11 Aug 1998 22:19:34 -0700

Rute Sofia wrote:

> ...By the way, besides man, women and gay do you also want to know
> anything else?? Is there any cats among us??? And chickens??? :-)
> I think more important to the extropian list is to know for example our
> nationality and tastes. If you want to know WHO are the extropians,
> there's lots of things (and more important) to know besides gender...

yes, that would be interesting, perhaps moreso than gender and preference: how many pets do extropians own?

i make my living mining data in aerospace, looking for patterns that can help us discover and fix problems before they result in TBCs (truly bad consequences.) a for instance would be the ill fated shuttle mission. had the data miners discovered the link between increased solid rocket motor burnthru and low temperatures, well, we would have 7 more astronauts with us today.

so, i want to learn things about our group without causing anyone to reveal anything about themselves. i dont know if it is possible, may not be. {8-[ but i also know there are some clever folks out there who may know a trick. how does one poll a group while simultaneously protecting everyone's privacy and protecting the database from folks like the lesbian extropian meme starter? spike