Extropian work ethic?

Bret Kulakovich (bkulakovich@WESLEY.IT.EMERSON.EDU)
Tue, 11 Aug 1998 16:29:01 -0400

This was mentioned a few threads ago..

A interesting survey would be how Extropians/Transhumanist relate to their work, their work environment, and what field they pursue.

I tend to get 'dug in' to a project and spend all hours going gangbusters on something to get it to a certain stage. Working on a shockwave app right now that has a few deadlines soon - but I like what I do! Getting 45 minutes of sleep isn't so horrible if it's inspiring.

Perhaps people have already conveyed this data.

I work in heavily technology, tons. Part of my job is creative, I have a fine arts degree and freelance.

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