re: the extropian hot babe thing

boogie woogie (
Tue, 11 Aug 1998 08:34:15 PDT

Max More spouted:

(((((My, you really are giving every sign of being *both* cowardly and
Every one of your posts consists of criticizing, insulting, and sniping. You don't have the courage to post under your real name. And you make false, slanderous comments as if that was an acceptable thing to do on our
list. Not only do you hide your identity, you don't come out and say that
you are referring to me here. FYI, those pictures are not in slightest bit
doctored. That's just wishful thinking on your part. (And I don't wear leather; that's vinyl. At least try to get your facts straight.)))))

If I give my name then my statements become more or less true? Thats a new concept. I say 1+1=2 before you know who I am and that is less true than me saying it after I tell you my name. I get it.

My name is Colin and I'm work at a computer gaming company in Boston. I dabble in academics at BU on the side. Do you feel better now Max? Please reread my posts now that you know my name.

When I mentioned doctored images I was not referring to yours. But thanks for noticing.

If you can not digest my point then thats okay. I guess it is hard to wear several masks. But dont lash out with the offensive narcissistic babble you offered in your last post. The last time I saw that kind of crap was when you went lunar on Erik Moeller because you did not like what he said. You'd think a philosopher would be more rational.

Try dropping the elitist gig.

Boog (aka Colin)

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