Re: Extropian women and privacy issues, a challange

tsoon (
Tue, 11 Aug 1998 20:36:28 +1000

>I canīt believe that the "extropians" are discussing things such as
>gender and sex and female extropians...Spring time has gone!! :-)

Sorry if I offended anyone with my generalisations. It was my first post and I didn't want to jump straight into the deep end (as I am less
familiar with extropian lit than others here, my background being in economics) so I
thought I'd start with something simple and work my way up but I obviously should have picked a less contentious topic to open with .

I tried to write as impersonally and sensitively as possible, and I didn't think that what
I merely tried to point out was anymore contentious than what we already know from
Darwinian psychology.

BTW: I have read and enjoyed David Friedman's Machinery of Freedom and Dawkins' Blind Watchmaker and am presently re-reading Tipler after finding him
implausible the first time (perhaps more because of the language he uses to try to appeal to theologians) and then reconsidering.