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Avatar Polymorph (way@warehouse.net)
Tue, 11 Aug 1998 19:56:10 +1100

***all-time fav sci-fi:

A Maze of Death
Phillip K. Dick

real extropian too...***

Some favourites:
Macroscope, Piers Anthony
334, Thomas Disch
Sirius, Olaf Stapledon
Radix, A.A. Anastasio
Inverted World, Chris Priest (analogue for the Singularity) Inside Outside, Phil Farmer
Feersum Enjin, Iain M. Banks

only scratching the surface of course

Greg Egan is transhumanist-aware (e.g. Distress) but not fully Singularity-aware until latest novel (though some short stories verge on it, e.g. the one with neuron-by-neuron replacement of brain leading to superstrong materials invulnerability. Careful examination of many SF works shows clear prophetic understandings from certain angles. E.g. The City and the Stars.
Avatar Polymorph, 11 August, 29 after Armstrong