Re: Extropian women and privacy issues, a challange

Rute Sofia (

I canīt believe that the "extropians" are discussing things such as gender and sex and female extropians...Spring time has gone!! :-)

Does that really matter to the ones whose main purpose is "to increase intelligence" and so on?????

I really can't believe this...after all, this is one of the oldest discussions of all, there's nothing new to it and don't think you can add anything new, so...we could start another intituled "Man are from Mars and Women are from Venus", which is the same as speaking about "hot female Extropians"...

By the way, besides man, women and gay do you also want to know anything else?? Is there any cats among us??? And chickens??? :-)

I think more important to the extropian list is to know for example our nationality and tastes. If you want to know WHO are the extropians, there's lots of things (and more important) to know besides gender...


On Mon, 10 Aug 1998, Michelle Jones wrote:

> > >>>Don't worry about those few Extropian females dude, they're mostly...
> owwww.... {8-[ anyone can make comments like these just to bait the group and
> watch the wailing and gnashing of teeth. the fact is, *we dont know who we
> are.*
> we have no statistics on those who read the extropian newsgroup. many, if not
> most
> of the email addresses are nongendered, such as spike66 for instance.
> i see that extropians tend to love privacy. althoprivacy is not important to me
> personally, i have gotten religion on the necessity of others to protect theirs.
> so, question: how can we find out how many women and how many men, how
> many straight and how many gay, or just plain how many people are out there in
> extropians
> *without any single person having to reaveal any traceable information* about
> themselves?
> if we set up a website where anyone could anonymously log on and set down
> gender and preference, then any one person could corrupt the entire database by
> logging
> on an indefinite number of times and in putting false information. the person
> who started the lesbian extropian meme might intentionally do this, for
> instance.
> on the other hand, if we had every respondant register in order to prevent
> multiple
> entries, then each response could be traced to an individual. the most private
> extropians (understandably) would not log on, which would also corrupt the
> database.
> so, i set forth this challange to all extropians: come up with a means of
> polling
> the group in such a way that prevents any individual from logging on repeatedly,
> without revealing the source of any single entry to protect the privacy of those
> who answer the poll. it must be done online, no writing on dead trees or
> postage
> stamps. to the person who discovers such a means, i offer the grand prize of...
> my undying admiration and deepest gratitude. {8^) spike