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Natasha Vita More (
Mon, 10 Aug 1998 11:14:02 -0500

This is a good opportunity to state that this extropian list, sponsored by ExI does not require those who post on it to be members of ExI.

Thus, let's not assume that the type of postings that are insulting to women - transhumans or otherwise - are representational of ExI.

I do agree with Kathryn's statement:

>PLEASE LISTEN to this. You have
>GOT to STOP singling out females as (1) a goal for recruitment, (2)
>fodder for cyberbabe fantasies and (3) expectations of mating. We just
>want to show up and interact intellectually like the men get to do. If
>we do not get to interact intellectually, if we are constant targets
>for special attention, comeons, and retaliation after we 'reject' you,
>then we are going to walk.

>This behavior has driven women out of here before,

To be sure some women have left this list because of the inappropriate statements about women. However, I know of no women who has left ExI because of this. Most extropian women are not on this list.

Let us treat women with respect, individuality and *without* PC gender balance or for viewing tits and ass.

I am on this list for examining ideas, advancing my thinking spreading extropic memes and meeting new transhuman extropic friends.


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