Re: lack of transhumanist women?

Brent Allsop (
Mon, 10 Aug 1998 10:12:12 -0600 asked:

> Why do women find transhumanism to be unappealing? Someone please
> explain.

I have the same question.

There also seems to be other sides to such differences between men and women. Take the Mormons for example. Now this is a real full of women church. For some reason, it seems to me, women just go for that kind of stuff, as much or more so as do men go for extropianism. Why do women find mormonism so appealing? LDS men have quite the choice of any women they want. The fact that there were so many more mormon women than men is part of the reason for polygamy in mormonism. Would the chance to have multiple "hot babes" doting over you be an incentive? For a time even I tried to be the kind of LDS Guy all the women seemed to want.

Also, it seems women are much more capable of pulling men in their direction than is the reverse. You constantly see "hot babes" dating non mormon men, converting them, getting them baptized, and then marrying them. I don't see many women converting to extropiansim to marry some man. Also don't forget that the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world...

Then there is me and my wife, having both been raised as mormons. My wife is about as mormon as they come while I, being a natural extropian from birth, could never quite understand all, what was to me, the hogwash mormons constantly spout. Since there are so many extropian men and mormon women, I guess some of us must just intermarry and learn how to get along. It's a bit hard at times but I think it can work. Now if I could just succeed at having as much influence over our children as my wife does.

Brent Allsop