The extropian hot babe thing

boogie woogie (
Mon, 10 Aug 1998 08:14:00 PDT

Its kinda amusing that people are getting so indignant about this hot babe thing. Sure, the guy that made the point was an ass. Pity him, dont engage him in discourse. This whole feigned indignance thing that some people have going on is the real amusement. These people have more plastic than a power ranger suit and post doctored pictures of themselves in tight leather, speedos, and lathered in oil. But say the term 'hot babe' and its time to be haughty.

Its my fault this whole things got started when I posted about the 'Nerds should rot' article in the Boston Globe. We've got an image. Whether we like it or not its there. We're a group of tech geeks with a few plastic hippies thrown in for good measure. Hey, we love our geekness. Anyone with a geek code knows that.

Geekly yours,

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