Re: Stupidlity and rudeness on the list [Was:Re: Image of extropianism and tran

Kathryn Aegis (
Mon, 10 Aug 1998 07:41:25 -0700 (PDT)

After skimming this thread I am grateful not to have been on the Internet this weekend. I would, however, like to make one suggestion.

For those you who are interested in a future gender balance within extropianism or within transhumanism, PLEASE LISTEN to this. You have GOT to STOP singling out females as (1) a goal for recruitment, (2) fodder for cyberbabe fantasies and (3) expectations of mating. We just want to show up and interact intellectually like the men get to do. If we do not get to interact intellectually, if we are constant targets for special attention, comeons, and retaliation after we 'reject' you, then we are going to walk.

This behavior has driven women out of here before, and it has driven me out. There has been too much of it over the past two years, and I think that you guys need to think long and hard about how you treat young women within your ranks. I am asking you to do this as a friend, as someone who continues to support the goals of ExI, but who simply cannot live with the stress any longer. It takes away energy that should be going to important transhumanist projects, which is going to my full focus from now on. Anyone who wants to work with me is welcome--if you are looking for a different kind of attention, you need to back off.

Take care,
Kathryn Aegis