Stupidlity and rudeness on the list [Was:Re: Image of

Max More (
Sun, 09 Aug 1998 20:15:04 -0700

At 12:06 AM 8/7/98 +0000, "Vitruvian" wrote:
>Don't worry about those few extropian females dude, they're mostly
lesbians :-) Because of our dorky image, no self-respecting hot babe
>will associate with us (not to mention the fact that attractive people,
especially women, are usually shallow). Go blame society!

No, blame people like yourself who come onto our lists as a newbie, then proceed immediately to insult members of our community. Listen "dude", why don't you go look for "hot babes" elsewhere. The valued female subscribers to this list, and the men who respect them, are not here to listen to this frat house talk.


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