Re: lack of hot Extropian women?

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> I think some of you guys need to get out more and meet some more
> intelligent women. I'm married to a perfectly attractive woman who at
> least likes the idea of transhumanism even if she doesn't consider
> herself a transhumanist. I find the idea that attractiveness or being
> a female precludes certain beliefs (transhumanism, extropianism,
> etc..) to be insulting.
> Lots of people find our ideas to be strange or wacky. If it wasn't
> for the evidence that something big technologically was about to
> happen, I'd find it strange and wacky too.
> I have too many male friends who are stuck on finding the perfect
> woman who is intelligent and beautiful and likes all the stuff they do
> (football, stereos, cars, etc...). There's plenty of women out there
> who will make excellent mates for the next couple hundred years or so.
> Just open your eyes. Learn to compromise.
> Besides, when we become posthuman, what will physical beauty matter
> anyways?
> Just my $0.02 worth.
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It appears from the chatter on this list that, for the vast majority here, to be trans/posthuman entails being trans/postsexual as well. Joe