Re: lack of hot Extropian women?
Sun, 09 Aug 1998 17:26:32

William John wrote:
> >>>Don't worry about those few Extropian females dude, they're mostly
> lesbians :-) >>Because of our dorky image, no self-respecting hot babe
> >>> will associate with us (not to mention the fact that attractive people,
> especially >>women, are usually shallow). Go blame society!
> >What! What? What on earth are you talking about.

I think you know damn well what I'm talking about...

> >>Hardly. Natasha, for example, is pretty hot, and she's one of our inspired
> leaders.
> >Thank you Mike Lorrey for your rational thinking.

Smooth joke, Natasha! We all know of course that Mike's brain was severely deprived of blood when he wrote that, for obvious reasons ;-)

> Yes Mike, Natasha is really hot but since she is "taken" or unavailable (you
> lucky guy Max!). Us single Transhumanist guys can't really count her because
> of this. Remi and Katherine Aegis are the only other posting messengers to
> this list that I can think of. I don't know their availability status.

To the best of my knowledge Remi is a man, and Katherine's gay, so try again ;-) In fact, I dare you to find one hot, reasonably young and available woman on this mailing list. Or the known transhuman community as a whole, for that matter.


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