Re: 5,000,000,000 transhumans?

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Sun, 09 Aug 1998 13:37:15 +0200 wrote:
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> > What is the motivation to offer them
> > transhuman status? Brotherhood? The same brotherhood that spreads the
> > technological and material wealth of the present? I think Brandon
> > Carter's sounding more prophetic all the time.
> <yawn>
> More class warfare.
> You might just notice that todays' poor are richer than the dreams of avarice
> of bygone royalty?
> Somehow the wealth appears to be spreading.

Yes, but this is fundamentally different; godhood isn't something that one would sell (or give away) like one would do with minor technological advances such as phones, TVs cars etc. Just like nukes were (and are) only for a select few, so will hyperintelligence, nanotech, uploading etc. initially be only available to a select group, which will most likely use them to become gods. There is no rational reason to distribute this kind of power once you have it.

Powerful businessmen still need others to make and buy their products, and dictators and presidents still need their people to stay in power & to keep the country running, but a SI needs NO-ONE, it's supremely autonomous. I can't imagine why it would share its awesome power with creatures that are horribly primitive from its point of view. Would *we* uplift ants/mice/dogs/monkeys to rule the world as our equals? I think not.

But then again, we can only guess at a SIs motivations (but I wouldn't count too much on its benevolence). In any case, we should all work hard to be among the first SIs, that's the only reasonably sure way to live long and prosper.