Re: Superintelligence Software

J. Maxwell Legg (
Sun, 09 Aug 1998 14:42:12 +1200 wrote:

> Yes, this to has bothered me. The advances in hardware seem predictable and
> on track, but given the bug ridden examples of SW we now see, it looks like
> the SW problems might be harder.
> Do any SW gurus on the list have any Morvec like graphs indicating the
> progress in SW algorithms? Anyone that uses windoze should have their doubts.
> I think that some sort of self replicating/self generating SW is needed with
> an evolutionary correction/redundancy built in will be necessary. Any
> progress in this area?
> -Jay

The problem with introducing super intelligence software is related not only to having the right hardware catalyst but more importantly as recent attempts show to the political costs involved. The unexpected scuttling of the super scalable Ingrid project at NTT in Japan is a case in point. My guess is that the main competitor is the pre-existing neural network of hidden weights called money and Japan's basic about-face strategy at the ending of the age of hypotheses might be as follows.

Let a synthesized wholesale abandonment of the current economic system happen in a way that has been carefully thought about and planned, where Japan's gift to the world's poor is new technology and education in subjective methods of valuation. This will embody a capitulation to lifetime learning and self evaluation, with sustainable reassurance of what can be provided. Cyberspace will create a context of mutuality by having an open honest discussion, provide feedback in a timely and appropriate way, and hold its dialectic accountable for doing what needs to be done to ensure everyone's well-being. Privacy will be on a need to know basis satisfying the needs of those who wish to know. Once everyone has caught up with this super intelligence singularity and re-evaluated everything, Cyberspace awareness will obsolete national security.

The Japanese will eclipse the world in the meticulous fabricating of an inclusive non-verbal appendage as the basis for explicit electronic dialogue. Japan's gift of cooperation in the virtual world will be without any commitment to those who have given earlier. This era of the Internet will signal the end of reciprocity.