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> > How about the studies into lucid dreaming? I have had a few lucid
> > dreams in which I was totally in control. It is very similar to what
> > we think of as virtual reality. There are studies that seem to
> > indicate that lucid dreaming can be learned. Those of you who have
> > never experienced this might ought to look into it.
> I frequently have lucid dreams. For those who don't know, lucid dreams occur
> when you realize that you are dreaming. This is very much like VR, in that
> everything seems real, even though you know it isn't.

When you are dreaming, and you know that you are dreaming, the next task is to assert control over your dream. The technique that worked for me was to will my dream hands to rise in front of my dream face where I could see them with my dream eyes. Once I was able to assert this feedback-verifiable control, I simply generalized to other motions and visions. Hope this helps, Joe