more on dead calf clones

Damien Broderick (
Fri, 07 Aug 1998 13:25:04 +0000

suggests that the report I cited earlier was garbled, unless something even more recent has zapped other clones.

It says:

TOKYO, July 31 (Reuters) - Japan's cloning programme suffered another

                  setback when twin cloned calves died soon after birth,
Japanese researchers
                  said on Friday. 

                  Twin calves produced from cloning somatic cells taken
from unfertilised eggs
                  from an adult cow, died soon after birth in Japan's
Ishikawa Prefecture, 350
                  km (220 miles) northwest of Tokyo, on Thursday night,
they said.
                  A surrogate mother cow died earlier this month after
giving birth to twin
                  cloned calves, while another cloned calf died 16 hours
after birth last week.

[... but:]

                  Researchers suspect the two calves, born 14 days ahead of
schedule from a
                  surrogate mother after difficult labor, suffocated after
taking in too much
                  amniotic fluid during birth. 

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