Re: Image of extropianism and transhumanism

Robin Hanson (
Thu, 06 Aug 1998 13:15:18 -0700

boogie woogie writes:
>In the wonderful rag that circulates in the city of Bahston there was a
>story portraying cryonicists and probably extropians and transhumanists
>as geeks with no sex lives. Sure thats an accurate description of me but
>everybody else too? :-) Heres an part of the article.

That article has several mistakes. I pointed out two of them to the author, and he promised a correction, but I don't know if it ever appeared anywhere.

The level of hostility toward "nerds" in that article is frightening. I can't think of another peaceful subgroup of humans where a similar level of hostility would be tolerated in a newspaper article.

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