Peter C. McCluskey (
Wed, 5 Aug 1998 14:54:07 -0700 ("Nick Bostrom") writes:
>Won't new technologies only benefit the rich and powerful?
>What happens to the rest?
>- The typical pattern with new technologies is that they are expensive
>in the beginning and get cheaper as time goes by. Take medical
>technologies, for example. Cutting-edge experimental procedures are
>usually only available to research subjects and the very rich. As
>these procedures become routine, costs drop, effectiveness improves,

This is a bit too abstract. How about throwing in some examples of companies that price their products to reach tens or hundreds of millions of people (Intel, AOL, Coke, Exxon, Disney, etc) and challenging the people who are asking that question to explain why greedy capitalists would prefer to invest in products that only the rich would ever buy? How many investors got rich on mass-market goods and services and how many got rich making Rolls Royces, yachts, caviar, etc.?

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